90-Mile Beach.

Experience the solitude and magnificence as we drive along the beach.     

The unforgiving tide Ninety Mile Beach can be treacherous, so take a "Sand Safaris" Cape Reinga Tour instead and don't end up like this.     




Te Paki Sand Dunes.

For the adventurous there is the chance to toboggan down the Te Paki sand dunes.Nature lovers will be fascinated by the converging dune and wetland flora.         

The Te Paki Sand Dunes are the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and the climb to the top will build an appetite for Lunch


Te Paki Quicksand Stream.


Yes, this is real quicksand - in the old days they lost horses here. These days, you'll be fine if you walk across it, but if the bus stops, it'll sink into the sand up to its axles in no time at all.


Cape Reinga.

(Te Rerenga Wairua).

Cape Reinga is known to the Maori as "Te Rerenga Wairua”, it is there that the souls of the departed undertake their final journey to Hawaiki, the land of their ancestors.

A short walk leads to the iconic WWII lighthouse and the famous signpost pointing to cities around the world.

Enjoy spectacular views of Cape Maria Van Diemen and watch the division line where the Tasman Sea turquoise waters clash fiercely with the Pacific Ocean’s darker blue waves.






Kauri Unearthed.

Famous Staircase.See the massive kauri logs and stumps extracted from local swampland and admire the craftsmanship of the products manufactured here.



Aupouri Forest.

Enjoy the breathtaking expanse of this pine plantation. Once a great kauri forest, this is now the second-largest man-made forest in the Southern Hemisphere.     

Tapotupotu Bay.


We provide a barbecue lunch for you with tea, coffee or cold drinks at this delightful little bay nestling among the hills around Cape Reinga.

*Special diet requirements may be catered for, please enquire at booking time.


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